It was just coincidence, I tell you.

machine-gun-thereThis photo was taken with a friend of mine, Idriss Alaoui from Jrana Tours, when we were down in the desert near Erfoud in Morocco.  We were sitting and talking about various things and I was caught with my clenched fist indicating something or other.  We had been in Morocco some time whilst we carried out the adoption procedure for our daughter and the Arab Spring chose that time to manifest itself.  Although Morocco didn’t take part, Algeria next door did.  A lot of my friends thought I was working down in the desert between the two countries in relation to the Arab Spring and no amount of protest could convince them otherwise.  And when they saw this photo, with me dressed all in green, giving the military signal for, ‘Deploy the machine gun group over there.’ whilst sitting on a sand dune next to a Bedouin, they would not believe I was nothing to do with any uprisings.  Ain’t it great when your friends don’t trust you?

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