Tales of the Valley.

Just reading through the reams of stuff I have written about the Lecrin Valley and Saleres in particular.  I will add an article every so ofter, today it is ‘The Limonero,’ where my Spanish neighbours give me the benefit of their combined wisdom as to the planting of a lemon tree.  I’ve never been so confused in my life!

  A bit about teaching English in the Poetry section also.

Googling on the beach

What strange weather we’re having.  yesterday on the beach in a T-shirt and today it’s brass monkeys’.  I have been using Google voice and it appears that they have a recognition system that can pinpoint accents.  The first time I used it i must have been a little irate as I was using me Sawf London accent and now the thing won’t recognize anything unless I lapse into the vernacular.  If I use the Queen’s English it gives some hilarious suggestions.  They may be the source of my next article.  Also it refuses to understand me when I speak Spanish which has dented my confidence no end.  It keeps telling me that I like Chicago, for some obscure reason, no matter what question I ask it.


A shot of where it all happens, or not, depending on a million other things that have to be done yesterday.

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